Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...............THE END OF THE ROAD

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Dull Parish Church, Perthshire, Scotland
Alexander Stewart married Christian Stewart here on
21 July 1743

I am nearing the end:

! ! ! IT'S TIME TO PUBLISH ! ! !

YES, FOLKS, the book files are (have gone) going to the printer this week. (Tuesday, April 21 @ 4:30PM) I do not have a date when the books will be available. They have said five days? I will give you all the details below of how to get your copy as soon as it is in from the printer.

Stewart: Heather Lost $30.00 per copy
Shipping - Parcel Post, Media Mail  $5.00 4 to 15 days
Shipping - Priority Mail $13.00 2 to 4 days
Includes insurance to $50.00 both ways of shipping.

If you want to order multiple copies, let me know before you place your order and I will calculate the shipping cost. 


  1. End of the Road-- I love those words. When I double clicked the memory popped right back into my head. I was there on that overcast, drizzly, rainy morn in Scotland. We couldn't make up our minds whether or not to leave the umbrella open. And next in my memory I walked right down that path with you, the grassy lawn un-edged and mowed but not raked-- the real thing. Together we have been on that pathway more or less ever since. I am so proud you were able to stick with this project to honor your 'ma' as you and your siblings referred to her. May she be smiling forth from her residence amongst the Communion of Saints and all your ancestry with her. History is told. What other path might be out there for you to trek? Thank you for being so special. I love you! Mary Kay also of celtic roots.

  2. Its Here!!!! Oh and Alexander Stewart and Christian Stewart got married exactly 266 years before i was born!

  3. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to order my copy.