Friday, March 13, 2009

Update Title: Stewart: Heather Lost

The latest cover design and title.

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The First Proof Copy of the "Book"

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I have been off line for the last month. I had cataract surgery on the 25th of February. All has not gone well since then. No whining . . . let it lay.
The first "proof" copy of the book was printed. It looked good, but needed editing. G. Stewart Mathison, (cousin) volunteered and has done the final edit. I have combined his copy with my last edited copy. I have finished and will take in the combined files to the printer for a final "proof" tomorrow, Monday, March 30.
Some stats: The "Book" will be 8 1/2" X 11" trimmed slightly in the binding process. The binding is called "Perfect Binding" and is commonly used in today's print shops. It weighs approximately 2 1/2 pounds. There are 343 pages with approximately 220 graphics, scans, etc. There are 29 pages of color graphics. The cover design has a yellow spine to make the book stand out on the shelf. My color is blue, therefore . . . .
Let me hear your thoughts, I like input. BTW, Mary Kay and I celebrated out 58th wedding anniversary on March 26, 2009.


  1. Joan Stewart SmithMarch 29, 2009 at 7:10 PM

    Looks good!

  2. Looking good! Lots of story and lots of facts which will now never be lost to this family. Someone had to do this. You honor your mother, Beth Fellows Stewart. All the prep work she did was not in vain. I kind of think she is looking in on it all and has a wide smile. Peace, MK

  3. WOW GRANDPA!! This is pretty incredible! So whats next now that this is finished?!

  4. Hi Bruce,

    Congratulations to you and Mary Kay on your anniversary!

    The book cover looks good. One observation, why is the date 25th April 1977 printed twice under "The Collector" on the back cover? Looks good otherwise, well done.



  5. Bruce: For those of us who are further down the family tree we really appreciate the work you have done! I have a similiar 'history' on my side of the family. How fortunate for our children that they have their history in black and white! Bravo for you and your efforts!

    In-law relative:

    Michele Stewart
    Todd and Michele Stewart
    Grandson of John Ross Stewart
    Great Grandson of Ross Stewart?
    (Todd's not here to ask!!)
    Elmore MN (that much I know for sure!)

  6. Great talking to you Bruce. I talked to Todd...he corrected me, (I am sure that was the first time ever!!)...Harry Stewart not Ross, for those of you who are following the family tree. Reserve three hard copies for us please they will make great presents for my in-laws and make homework when it comes to family trees easy for me!! Thanks again!

    Michele Stewart
    Elmore Division!!