Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Our back yard in the White Mountains




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Stewart: Heather Lost with shipping

 My very first sale went to my friend, family member (we have adopted each other as well as sharing the name), and fellow genealogist, Mary Stewart Kiritsis. Her residence is the country of Greece. (Not the stuff in the frying pan, silly!)

I want to thank all of you for the nice things that have been said. Bragging a little bit, I will direct you to the third comment to the last post. Joan, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. An echo? You better believe it. Thank you, thank you . . . .

There were several multiple copy orders: "Send two copies, one for Dad too." and "Send three copies, one for each of my daughters and me." I don't know how much more my ego can stand. When I think of the REAL authors whose books sell in the thousands, millions . . . it's not to hard to remain humble. Though, just think, my nephew-in-law is about to publish his tenth (or is it his eleventh?) book . . . his hobby, he gets paid for it too! In case your wondering, it's Gene Fehler. His web site will have a link on this blog when I get through today check it out. Love his poems, although I do have a little trouble understanding the game he writes about. Uhhh-baseball, I think?

I didn't quite know what to do in the time since the book has been finished. There seemed to be so much time in the day. I tried playing Solitaire on my computer. That got boring really quick. Then I started a project of rescanning old photos on my new Canon Scanner. Wow, that is a huge project, maybe after my next book. What,---next book? I'll have to think on that for awhile, then again . . . hmmm. After all I do have two great grand mother's that had real life experiences that, well, lets say they were newsworthy.

You think I have "shot my wad," "done my once in a lifetime thing," OR "just have nothing left?" Think again, you aint seen nothin' yet. Just stay tuned to this blog or maybe I will start another blog, who knows right now.

We will be leaving Sunday for the mountains for the next four months. We will enjoy every moment. Come and visit, we do have room.

For those that cannot afford the price of the book, I have a Digital Book on a CD. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read it.

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For you computer geeks, I just had a weird happening. Never heard of anything like it before. My computer programs were freezing badly. Not just one program but almost everything I would run. Each time I went through my trouble shooting procedure for the Mac computer. (You PC guys wouldn't understand.) After having this repeated several times, phone calls to Mac Central were made. No one there seemed to be able to come up with a permanent solution.

Wednesday, I took my iMac to the Arrowhead Mall Apple Store Genius Bar. ","No problem they said, "I'll archive your hard drive, reinstall the Operating System and then all the problems will be taken care of." After three unsuccessful tries. "Hmmmm, guess I will have to erase your hard drive and re-install your back up. Bring your backup drive in tomorrow and I'll take care of it."

Thursday, took in 500 GB external hard drive backup. He said, "OK, just leave it, I'll do everything tonight and it will be ready tomorrow anytime."

Friday, anytime. he said, "I can't seem to determine exactly what the problem is. I'm going to have to consult with the other "Genius Bar" techs. We will find the problem though."

Saturday: "We got it. You have a defective RAM chip. We have gone around it, erased your drive, installed the OS and re-installed your backup." Me, "Did you remove the RAM chip." "No, if we do that this would constitute a repair and I would have to charge you. Besides, we do not sell RAM chips at Apple anymore. Just remove the defective chip yourself, send it back to where you purchased it. They should replace it." I did, they are replacing it.

So I will give  a cheer for the Apple Genius Bar folks. The "Geek Squad" would have charged $300.00 plus for that kind of service. I am so happy with my MAC. Defective RAM . . . . ?

Thanks again to all my family and friends . . . til next time.  Bye.