Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Reading 101. Why? Because it's here!

More Information Than You Ever Wanted To Know

What is success of this blog? Just having the fun of writing it and knowing how to put it up.

The Stewart book will be published soon!


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Below that is my bio, which has been removed. It takes up too much room. If you really want to read it click on the link there.
Below the bio is the "Blog Archive." These are links to OLD Blog content that is hidden from view when archived. (<------More Links on Blog)
Down one more is "Links to other web sites" and they are: 1. Will and Probate for the Stewarts on the Fulton County, New York web site. 2. Stewart Cemetery on "Find A Grave" website where I have an ongoing project of putting up photos and names from headstones of everyone in the Cemetery. 3. In 2000 we participated in one of the Ancestors series of TV shows on the genealogy topic of "Probate" at BYU in Utah. Find out about it here.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book Proof

News Flash: Progress Update on Stewart Book

The first "Proof" copy of the Stewart Book was received yesterday from the printer. There have been some suggestions for the cover and back page, but no one has contributed any thing.
For anyone that is interested, I am posting two maps from the book. See if you can find their location in Scotland. HINT: Perthshire.

Double click on Map to enlarge to full screen

     Double click on Map to enlarge to full screen

Stewart Map No. 6 is an 1867 map showing the layout of Loch Tummel and River Tummel before the dam was built close to the bridge in 1948. It was so them English fellers could have more electrucity in Londown. So both maps are of the same area, just with different things, like more water layen' around, on em.
Additional information: Double click on the maps and the full size maps will open. 
HAVEN'T PEAKED YOUR INTEREST YET??? On both maps is an arrow showing the location of Ceann na Coile. This is the location of the the farm where my GGGG Grandfather, Alexander Stewart had a Tenant Farm on the Foss Estate. Where eight of his children were born.