Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Reading 101. Why? Because it's here!

More Information Than You Ever Wanted To Know

What is success of this blog? Just having the fun of writing it and knowing how to put it up.

The Stewart book will be published soon!


Definition: LINK or HYPERLINK  An icon, underlined words, etc, that when the cursor is placed on it, a pointing hand is usually shown in place of the arrow. In computing, a hyperlink is a reference, link, or navigation element in a document to another place, such as another section of the same document or to another document that may be on or part of a (different) domain. When clicked on it will: 1. send a URL (Abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator, the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web.) that your web browser uses to go to a specific we site or location. 2. When on a website, it tells your web browser to open another page on that website or go to another website. WOW! If you understood all of that then tell me what it means.

http://www.brucemstewart.blogspot.com/  (<------LINK to get to Blog)

The first thing is to log unto the blog by clicking on the above LINK. Each time a new post is put up, this link will show up in an email. If you Bookmark this, you can have it available any time you want it.
The new post will show under the header at the top left of the screen. If you wish to comment on the post go to the bottom of that post and click on the link there for comments.(<-----(Link)
Click on that link and any comments that have made will extend below the Post. At the bottom will be a blank text box for your comments, type in as much or as little as you like in the box. Don't just stand (sit) there, give an opinion. The Post writer needs to learn also.
When through click on Submit. (<------Link on Blog) Then click on Home (<------Another Link on Blog) to close the comments section and return to the blog posts. If they are OK, the comments are released to the Blog as soon as they are received. In this way Spam is avoided on the Blog.
To the top right of the Posts section are two links, that if you click on one or both you will receive RSS feeds from the blog when new posts or new comments are made.
What is RSS? Rich Site Summary is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. Every time the web content is changed the change is sent out to subscribers of the RSS feed.
Below that is my bio, which has been removed. It takes up too much room. If you really want to read it click on the link there.
Below the bio is the "Blog Archive." These are links to OLD Blog content that is hidden from view when archived. (<------More Links on Blog)
Down one more is "Links to other web sites" and they are: 1. Will and Probate for the Stewarts on the Fulton County, New York web site. 2. Stewart Cemetery on "Find A Grave" website where I have an ongoing project of putting up photos and names from headstones of everyone in the Cemetery. 3. In 2000 we participated in one of the Ancestors series of TV shows on the genealogy topic of "Probate" at BYU in Utah. Find out about it here.
Under that is "Follow this blog." (<------Another Link on Blog) If you want to follow this blog, click on that link and enter your information. This is another one of the easy ways to keep posted.

Do one SMALL FAVOR. - - - - Acknowledge on the blog, receipt of this POST by commenting. (Only if you want to!) Tell everyone what you really think. You teachers out there, how did Blog 101 do? Did it help to understand what a blog is?


  1. Bruce, keep up the good work! Perhaps as folks get more accustomed to what you've done and are doing feedback will happen. But don't let that be the measure of success. Remember: the only time people show up at city hall is to complain about something! LOL

    As the old saying goes, keep on keepin' on!

    -- Stew

  2. None of the links are working for me!!! I click them and NOTHING happens. Thought this you should know.

  3. Reminds me of when I used to ride Goldie to the water trough, but she would never take a drink. FYI, I know bloggers who have had sites up for years, sites that are actively used, but people are shy, not sure about how to comment, or just don't get the interactive concept.

    Also, there is a weird thing on some of these blogspot.com blogs, in which the verification code doesn't come up. There are a few times I gave up in frustration because I couldn't get the blog to take my comment.

  4. Looks like somebody didn't read blog rule #1 (or maybe got out of bed the wrong side) - don't berate your readers! You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

    Not everybody comments on blog entries - I should know, nobody ever comments on mine! Blogs are put out there for people to read, just like mini newspapers (when was the last time you wrote to the editor of your newspaper?). Just because somebody doesn't make a comment on a blog, it doesn't mean they don't find it interesting.

    Remember not to make the posts too long - some people get bored easily. Better to leave your audience laughing than crying or, worse, booing. ;-)

    So, you wanted comments. You may find that it could be a case of "be careful what you wish for!"



  5. OK, here's my first comment. Been unavailable for a short time, back surgery. Recovering nicely though. Should be back on the golf course in 6-8 weeks. Loved the maps.

  6. WOW! Dad,(ya doan 'ave a mind

    I call ya thet 'stead of "The Bruce" eh?) I think I might actually be ready to move on from my PC computer to a MAC computer (OH!,the horror of it all!)!! At any rate if I-I-I-I.....can get it...there is no excuse for anyone else! I am not OF the faithful to the all powerful computer of OZ...I mean I am just too old to appreciate how well I could have lived in that realm as well as REAL(?) life if I had just been born about 20 years later! I really love what you are doing!

    Why? Well let me think on that just a minute...Who am I? Am I spirit or am I matter? Ah...I think I am both! I am sorry that I must be a 1/2 wit 'cause I must be stuck on just 1/2 of the equation! I can only see one answer. Here is how I come to this simple conclusion: I have a body of millions of multifunctional cells. I find it amazing that every single cell in my body has the same HISTORICAL markers...Oh, I'm sorry I should have said something like "genes"! Well in one sense or another I contain the sum total of ALL OF MY ANCESTERS...a-n-d...you also get everything from cousin ape down to something with a scaly skin...e-e-e-k! to something gelatinous floating around in the water! I know reptilian and fish-like drives for survival...I have an inkling about what chimpanzees are about...but I don't know what has driven my ancesters whose blood flows through my veins.....!!!

    Here is my suggestion to ALL:Listen to The Bruce!

    Oh, by the way what IS spirit and what IS matter?

  7. Two reasons for commenting:Scotland and writing a book. I'm not a Stewart but a fellow Third Street explorer. Have you tried the HP sauce, which is one of the best UK's invention. I know it has nothing to do genealogy but, I thought I share that.

  8. We still love you grandpa... even if we don't always comment on your blog. Personally i really like this thing, it lets me look into what your doing since i don't get to see you all the time.

  9. Bruce: Give yourself an A for effort. I published my Stewart family book in 2003, sold about 45 for $20 and gave copies to the libraries I used in my searches. Since then, I have written three (3) letters to the buyers (mostly cousins, 120 letters) and received 2 responses.

    Your maps are top notch.

    Since DNA suggests that our most common ancestor lived about 3000 years ago, I'm truly a distant cousin.

    My thinking is that persons visiting your Blog believe the Blog initiator is far more learned than they are, you might get some interesting response by asking for specific information which you have sought, but not found.

    Good luck, Dick Stewart in Carefree, AZ