Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A View of the Family

This Blog was started to document the progress of the family book I was writing. Once the book "Stewart: Heather Lost." was finished, edited and published, I kinda lost interest in the blog upkeep. I am truly embarrassed. I am going to give it one more try.

This is a look at the my immediate family prior to 1930. I chose that period because I lived after it and any other folks that are still living would not appreciate having themselves documented on the web. These photos were taken by, or on the camera owned by my mother. All females are identified by their maiden name, unless it is pertinent to list them otherwise.

The first "look" is my immediate family. See if you can find me. I might be taking the photo, but probably not. You can't find me? Well I'm right behind the elbows of the two girls on the left. That's right, I'm in my Mommy's tummy.

The photo was taken before August 28, 1927, my date of birth. Mom, Celia Elizabeth Fellows, my Dad, Robert Wright Stewart II and Robert John Stewart are in the back. L to R in front: Fred Fellows Stewart, Francese May Stewart, Elsie Jean Stewart and Charlotte Fellows Stewart.

Next a simpler photo.

My Uncle, Donald Herbert Stewart with his first child, May Elizabeth "Betty" Stewart taken in the Franelchar Farm yard about 1916.

Next photo is quite a bit more complex . . . a 1925 Buick, quite new, and a whole bunch of kids.

Inside: Uncle Donald Herbert Stewart, driver, & Fred Fellows Stewart behind. On the hood: Robert John Stewart, Edith Georgia Stewart & Elsie Jean Stewart. On Fender & running board, L>R: Ruth Wright Stewart, John James Stewart III, Charlotte Fellows Stewart, Robert Wright Stewart II, Susan Ann Stewart (on ground), Francese May Stewart, Donna Patricia Stewart, Phebe May Fellows, May Elizabeth "Betty" Stewart, Susan Nelson Fellows, Ruth Dorcas Fellows & Celia Elizabeth Fellows on the camera. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Uncle Donald married my Mom's sister and is brother to my Dad.

Next, gosh, another simple one!

Charlotte Fellows Stewart & John James Stewart II picking apples from the Franelchar Farm Orchard, about 1923.

This is really a simple photo taken 1929, only this time I can be seen!
{See photo at top}

As in the movies - THE END!

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